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i'm a modern day wednesday addams, a combination of an unstoppable force and an immovable object, an ever-changing enigma. into the strange, wild, vintage, nerdy, and humorous.
→ Anonymous whispered : I miss your tumblr so much. Why did you leave?

I’m just going to be completely honest here, so I’m sorry if this comes across the wrong way.

I’ve basically been wanting to kill myself for the past several months because of something that happened, and I lost my independence somewhere along the way. I made the mistake I tell everyone not to make, which is waiting for someone to save you. Y’all know I had a boyfriend, so I thought that wouldn’t be a problem. It was. I found out how much he really cares (and how much he cares about other people and himself) and I ended up more miserable and still lacked the boost to get myself back on my feet. So the spiral continues, and I don’t think I can do it anymore.

Tumblr just doesn’t fit in the picture right now.

I should’ve known better. I shouldn’t be crying. Shouldn’t be worse off than ever. Shouldn’t be feeling betrayed. Shouldn’t have thought anyone could love me and be more important than my family. Shouldn’t have even considered leaving them.

Now I’m just fucked over.

it took me like a year to reach a thousand posts